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Jan 6, 7 & 8: Santa Fe de la Laguna. "Dia de los Santos Reyes" (Three Kings' Day) --
celebrated nationwide. The Feast of the Epiphany recalls the arrival in Bethlehem of the three
wise men (reyes magos) bearing gifts for baby Jesus. In Santa Fe de la Laguna, it is
celebrated with traditional ritual dances.

FEB, 1st two weeks: Zitacuaro. "Feria de Zitacuaro"
Two-week fair with handicrafts, cultural events and parades.  

FEB 2: Dia de la Candelaria" (Candlemas Day) -Nationwide. Celebrated with candlelit
processions and dancing in many towns throughout the country, this holiday marks the end
of the Christmas celebration. On this national holiday, families and friends gather together to
enjoy tamales and atole (a hot, sweet drink thickened with corn flour).

FEB 5: Día de la Constitución. Nationwide. An official holiday that commemorates Mexico's

FEB 23-28: Tarimbaro "Carnaval" (Carnival)  Also nationwide. Celebrations begin five days
before Ash Wednesday and are marked by parades, parties and dancing in the streets.  This
festival is celebrated on Mar 2-7 in Tarimbaro with the presentation of the famous Toritos de
Petate (dance or pantomime of a bullfight with one person wearing a straw-matting-covered
frame designed to represent the bull).  

MAR 25 - 28: Morelia."Jazztival"   
Organized by the Secretary of Culture, Jazztival Michoacán was first held in 2003, with an
objective of maintaining a high quality of artistic presentation.

MAR 27 - 31  Morelia. "Congreso Nacional de Danza Jazz" (National Dance Congress)
The Congreso was formed in 1999 by two choreographers who wanted to develop and
practice Mexican dance in a social atmosphere. The event brings together hundreds of
dancers from all the different regions of Mexico.

MAR 28 - APR 4: Semana Santa (Easter Week)  -- nationwide. Celebrated throughout the
region but especially in Morelia and Tarimbaro, the Holy Week is observed with enactments
of the Passion Play and with a visit to the churches. On Good Friday, Morelia holds its
Procession of Silence. The village of Cuitzeo holds a fiesta in honor of the Lord of the

APR 3-7: Morelia."Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Morelia" (International Guitar Festival)  
With its rich musical traditions and home to one of the oldest conservatories in Latin
America, Morelia is the perfect host for this popular guitar festival.

APR 9-16:  Holy Week (Semana Santa) -- nationwide. Beginning with Palm Sunday and
ending with Easter Sunday, the week's religious celebrations include reenactments of the
events leading up to Christ's crucifixion. Some of the most renowned celebrations are held
in  Patzcuaro.

MAY 1-19: Morelia. The Michoacan State Fair, with everything a state fair should have.

May 3rd: Patzcuaro. "Dia de la Cruz Verde" (Day of the Green Cross) Parade and band
music between Zirahuén, Pichátaro and Ihuatzio, venerating cross left by beloved

MAY 18: Morelia. "Foundation Day." Commemorates the city's foundation with public

JUNE, early: Morelia. "Festival de Música Contemporánea" Artists from Costa Rica, Brazil,
Cuba, USA, France, New Zealand, and Argentina participate in this contemporary music

JUNE 6 - 30: Morelia. "Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporanea" A contemporary
dance Festival combines programs of national and international companies in Michoacán.  

JULY, 1st Sun: Quiroga. "Fiesta de la Preciosa Sangre" (Holy Blood Festival) Religious
procession dating to the 16th century

mid-JULY: Patzcuaro. "Festival de Coros." Free choral festival presenting groups from
Chihuahua, Yucatan, Mexico City and Michoacán perform at El Sagrario and Our Lady of
Health churches.

JULY 21 - 22: Uruapan. "Fiesta de la Magdalena" (Feast day of Saint Mary Magdalene)

July 25: Nurio, Capula. "Fiesta de Santiago Apostol" (Feast Day of Saint James the Apostle)
Nurio and Capula celebrate with processions, bazaars, music, a "pirekuas" contest and
handicrafts exhibitions.

AUG: Santa Clara del Cobre. "Feria Nacional del Cobre" (National Copper Festival.) Artisans
from throughout the country display their handmade copper wares and compete for prizes.

AUG: Querendaro. "Festival del Chile" (Chile Fair)
This town just outside Morelia is known for the many types of chiles grown. The chile festival
includes sporting events, cock fights, horse races, rodeos, fireworks, dances and parades.

AUG: Patzcuaro. "Campeonato Nacional 4x4, Copa Yuretzio" This extreme 4x4 event takes
place outside Patzcuaro, where drivers demonstrate their abilities on a natural obstacle
course, affected at this time of year by sometimes heavy summer rains.

AUG, 1st two weeks: Santa Clara del Cobre. "Fiestas Patronales." Two-week religious
holiday honoring Santa Clara and the Virgen del Sagrario, with parades, Mass, and other

AUG 2-9: Paracho. "Feria de la Guitarra" (Paracho Guitar Fair) This village is where the world
renowned guitar of the same name is manufactured.

SEP 14: Santa Fe de la Laguna. "Fiesta del Sr. de la Exaltacion" The town's principal fiesta is
celebrated with bands, fireworks, and decoration of the church.

SEP 15–16: "Dia de la Independencia Mexicana" (Mexican Independence Day) -- Nationwide.
Mexico celebrates its declaration of independence from Spain in 1810. The night of
September 15, marks "El Grito," a dramatic reenactment of revolutionary Father Hidalgo's call
for his fellow Mexicans to join the uprising.

SEP 30: Morelia. Birthday of José María Morelos y Pavón. Commemorates the birthday of
Revolutionary hero and native son, José María Morelos with a civil and military parade, a
pilgrimage, bullfighting, sporting and cultural events, fireworks and bands.

NOV 2:   "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) --Nationwide. For one of Mexico’s most
colorful and magical celebrations of Day of the Dead, visit lakeside Patzcuaro, a colonial town
that has retained considerable charm, or Janitzio, island home to a Purupecha community.

DEC 12:  "Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe' (Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe) Nationwide.
One of the most important holidays in Mexico.

DEC 16-24:  "Posadas." Nationwide. Processions recreating Joseph and Mary's journey to
Bethlehem, in which people holding candles go door to door to seek shelter. Festivities
include piñatas, Christmas caroling and special foods and sweets.

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